Week 4 – Tiara Burns


I’ve been using the internet since 9 but not as heavily as i do today. Like many of my peers, I have use the internet to follow my favorite artists more than anything in my years online. Before I publications such as Seventeen magazine went online. There was J-14 magazine and Pop Star mag. 

I was completely doused and dripping of boy band fandom. The pop-magazines had actual posters that you could pull from the magazine and PUT ON YOUR WALL. At this time, boy band posters were the pokemon cards of music.  See below for the most exclusive examples of pull out posters or simple pictures. 

However, today, many of these publications have moved to online factions. There is no need for a fold out poster because anyone cann right click an image on google and save as the wallpaper in their laptop. 

Instead of reading full articles of intreviews, I watch interviews by my favorite music artists  on youtube or rollingstone.com